Cold + Pressure Boot is a specially designed boot particularly effective in the control of injury by its ability to contain the severity of swelling by applying even pressure.

Research suggests that COLD + PRESSURE used together has proved more effective than cold alone. Cold + Pressure Boot comes in 18" for ponies or 22" for horses.

• Conforms to the front/hind legs -- Positioned high or low
• Rugged surface
• Heavy duty construction
• Durable brass zipper
• Safe and effective first aid, rehabilitative or post surgical therapy

• Tendon Injuries • Fetlock Injuries • Fresh Wounds • General Maintenance
• Can also be used as an air splint


22" Boot (Horse) $135 + tax
18" Boot (Pony) $130 + tax

Shipping - US - $20 for up to 2 boots
Non-US - $80 for up to 2 boots

(All boots are shipped via Priority Mail)
Online Orders accepted only via PayPal

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For other forms of payment or further information please contact:
Helga Meeuwsen - Tel: 561-662-3381 - E-mail: helgameeuwsen@aol.com